Natural disasters. In 2011, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck the northeast coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu, causing a tsunami and precipitating a nuclear crisis. Companies that needed to maintain business operations in this environment called on Beltin Group. More

International events. Major events are nothing new to us – Beltin Group has provided safety and security services to clients at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, global conferences and World Cup soccer tournaments. More

Resource and energy emergency management. Beltin was engaged to review the crisis plans for a remote uranium-mining site. In addressing the crisis-management capacity of the organisation, we listened to the client and took time to understand the business. More

Training. Beltin has developed a large number of bespoke training solutions for corporate clients, including a tiered program for media professionals, and an E-learning system to quickly train a workforce of 3000. More

Business continuity and crisis exercises. Beltin worked with an international hotelier to test its business plans and exercise its procedures and people in preparation for the London Olympic Games. More