International Events

Beijing Olympics Beltin provided risk-assessment, planning, executive-level training, table-top exercises, medical support and preventative-health planning and an on-the-ground crisis-management team to media clients in Beijing. Tasks included daily monitoring of the locations and general welfare of more than 100 staff. Among the unique challenges were the high risk of infectious disease and the impact on clients’ business operations of regulations imposed by Chinese authorities.

Beltin’s risk assessment, planning, staff training and risk-mitigation strategies gave clients an end-to-end solution that allowed them to concentrate on maximising business opportunities arising from the Games. We provided similar services to corporate clients at the New Delhi Commonwealth Games and during the World Cup in South Africa.

APEC conference (Sydney) Restrictions on movement and the establishment of security exclusion zones had potential to limit the ability of Beltin’s clients to maintain normal business operations. Street demonstrations attended by political activists with a background in violent action presented the threat of injury to staff. Beltin provided training and ran an operations centre for its clients, providing intelligence and managing safety and security.

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