News and Conflict is a unique course for media professionals, including journalists, photographers, videographers and newsroom assignment staff. Beltin worked with Australia’s leading news organisations to develop tailored content that met their requirements. The course has been running for seven years and demand continues to grow. With the supplementary Hostile Environment Safety Training, the course is the benchmark training product for Australian media professionals.

E-learning. Staff at a Beltin client company are exposed to death threats in the course of their work. The organisation recognised that it lacked a procedure for dealing with these threats. Beltin’s solution was to work with the organisation on a process to collate and assess all threats so steps could be taken to safeguard staff welfare.

An innovative web-based training course explained the psychology of the threatmakers, gave practical tips to help staff avoid being affected by threats and communicated the new organisational process.

The E-learning approach meant the organisation was able to provide training to more than 3000 staff across Australia and overseas in a package that took only 45 minutes to complete and without disrupting normal business operations.

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